Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CYO Countdown to Kisses

Every year my gram gets me one of those chocolate advent calendars from the $1 store to countdown to Christmas. Is it just me or are those chocolates the best ever? They may just be the cheapest chocolates ever made, but it doesn't matter. They're delicious! I know you all know which calendars I'm referring to. Did you have one of these as a kid?

I think a big reason why I love the taste of these chocolates is because I only get them once a year... counting down to my absolute favorite time of year. Anticipation to special occasions makes it all more exciting. Especially for the kiddos! Since Valentine's Day is in a couple of weeks, why not create a countdown to this special day? After all, why should Christmas be the only holiday that gets a calendar?

I absolutely love this Countdown to Kisses Calendar!
Here is a TUTORIAL on how to create your own
Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar with Hershey Kisses


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