Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest vs Pinspire

The other day, as I was pinning away on Pinterest, I noticed a comment asking permission to post to Pinspire. Wondering what Pinspire was, I googled... 

What the what...?!? It appears Pinspire is an exact clone of Pinterest!
See for yourself:

 Though the difference are few and far between, I did manage to find a couple:
  • Pinterest is still an INVITE-ONLY site, where Pinspire is not. Anyone can sign-up! And currently there is a waiting list to join the Pinterest community. Will they lose potential pinsters to Pinspire because of this?
  • On Pinterest we have BOARDS, on Pinspire these are called COLLECTIONS
  • If you're used to Pinterest you may find some of the links in different places. For example, I went on Pinspire's detailed page of a pin... went to click the source and accidentally REPORTED it. Whoops! I was used to the source being in the top-right corner from Pinterest. Definitely click with caution on this new site.
  • Pinspire is catered to international users. The creators of Pinspire look for the hottest U.S. sites that have yet to go global. From what I've read, they develop a copycat to get a large international following in hopes to sell to the original creators. It has worked for them in the past! How do you feel about this?
If you're on the waiting list to join Pinterest, will you patiently wait for your invitation? It could take months! Or will you choose the immediate satisfaction of its rip-off, Pinspire? Time to choose!

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